In the beginning was the
Word, and the Word was with
God, and the Word was God.
                       John 1:1
Senior Pastors, Dr. Donald L. Rudolph and Dr. Verdele Rudolph
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“The Lord bless you and keep you.”  Numbers 6:24

A blank check. What would such a gift mean if it were signed by a
benefactor wealthy enough to honor it and generous enough to
write it?  Such a gift could change a life!  It could transform a
congregation or a Christian school!  Who would ignore a gift like
that?  Who could throw it in a desk drawer and forget about it?

And yet, perhaps, we do!  The first words of the benediction our
Lord commanded Aaron to pronounce upon his people are, in
essence, every bit as broad and all-encompassing as a blank

To bless someone means “to confer well-being or prosperity,” but
the Scripture here gives no details.  Rather, the blessing
bestowed is so broad as to cover completely the needs and
hopes of those being blessed.

It’s as though God were to say to us, “What do you need?  Let me
help!”  We know this to be true because other Scriptures back it
up.  Consider, for example, these words of the Apostle Paul:

How rich is God in Christ? Rich enough to honor his own blank-
check promise? How generous is God in Christ? Generous
enough to care in kindness for the needs of His sons and
daughters, in Christ Jesus?

Absolutely!  Our heavenly Father is richer than we can know and
kinder than we can imagine.  Thus God commanded Aaron and
his successors to speak these words over his people:  Be

Those who don’t know the Father very well might attach
themselves to these words and attempt to use them to manipulate
God into giving them blessings that would ultimately cause harm
or destruction. But those who are growing close to the Father in
faith and who are growing up in that faith are also learning to wait
in hop for the true well-being—the authentic prosperity that never
hurts, never disappoints.

“Be blessed!” God said to His ancient people, and the sea of
difficulty or of need parted.  He is still speaking those words into
your life today. Trust His blessings in Christ.   “Be blessed and
highly favored.”


Apostle Donald and Pastor Verdele Rudolph
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